How to Get a Gala Node in 4 Easy Steps

September 25, 2021

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What is a Gala Node? 

Gala Nodes are essential parts of the Gala Games Ecosystem that help to secure the Gala Games network. If you buy a Gala node and become a node operator you will receive points in the "Daily Distribution", which are Gala tokens and gaming NFTs. They will be added to your Treasure chest.

How to get a gala node?

To get a Gala Games node you need to follow these instructions:

  1. Create a Gala Games account.
  2. Send some GALA, ETH, or BAT to your account wallet 
  3. Place an order for the node license
  4. Install the software on your computer or run the node on a remote server

Now, let’s follow this guide step by step and see how you can do it in detail.

1. Create a Gala Games account

Go to Gala Games official website and find the Register button in the top right corner. 

Create a Gala Node account

This step is crucial because your Gala Games account is the only way to interact with the Gala Games Ecosystem. It will allow you to own and trade your gaming NFTs, operate the node, and play games.

Click the button and fill out the form with your data. 

Create a Gala Games account

Next, click Create Account, accept the Terms, follow the instructions and verify the email address. 

Once you verify the account, you will be able to create a wallet. Click this button and create a Transfer code to secure your wallet:

Create Gala Games wallet

The Transfer code and the recovery phrase are the two most important things to your account. Make sure to save the Transfer code and the Recovery phrase somewhere safe. Nobody knows them except you and if you lose both of them, Gala Games won’t be able to restore your account.   

The process is pretty straightforward so by the end of it you should have your account and your wallet set up. 

2. Get Gala tokens or move ETH or BAT to your account wallet

Click through to the Nodes page and click the Get a Node button. It will redirect you to basically a checkout page.

Gala Node button

Select the currency of your choice from three options: GALA, ETH, or BAT.

When you pick the currency you want to buy the node with, you will see the current price per node. 

The price is growing with every 100 nodes bought. 

Note: you will also need to deposit some ETH for gas fees so I suggest you buy the node with ETH. Learn more on how and where to buy Ethereum.

For example, at the time of writing this guide, the node costs 5.689 ETH. Buy and deposit a little bit more ETH (like 5.7 or more) so you wouldn’t run out of gas and waste some of it on the transaction.  

3. Complete the purchase.

Select how many nodes you want to buy and select all the checkboxes for Terms of service, policies and that you’ve read the disclaimer. And hit Place order.

Buy a Gala Node

You’ll see a sort of checkout page with the final button and the price adjusted to the current gas fees. 

If you haven’t deposited the funds yet, the interface will show you a notification that you need to receive funds to your account. Click Receive funds and send the currency of your choice to your account wallet. 

If you don’t have any experience buying cryptocurrency, please read this short guide.

If you have some ETH, GALA, or BAT, just send the funds to the corresponding address.

Hit Buy Node to complete the purchase.

4. Check your Node license.

After you finish the process and buy the Gala node they will send you an email with all the information for Node owners. It may take some time before your purchase transaction is verified on the blockchain. It’s usually less than a couple of minutes.

To check if your Node license is updated, log in on the Gala Games website, go to your account by clicking the top right corner dropdown menu.

Then go to the Node info tab. It will show you the current status of your account and will give you a link to download the software.

What is a gala node license?

Gala node license is a product sold by Gala Games. It is required a Gala node. By buying the node license you're contributing to the overall growth of the Gala Games Ecosystem.

The next step would be setting up the Node to get the rewards! Let’s get straight to the Gala Games Node setup guide.

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